movies and memories: “He can live with us, mom!”

Old friends, new friends

So this is how the story goes:

When I was little, my parents took me to see E.T. in the theater. I liked the movie, but like any child, I was very upset to see E.T. leave. My mom tells me I left the theater with tears in my eyes, telling her that E.T. could have lived with us. At some point, maybe later that day or later in the week, I was given my very own E.T. plush to love and squeeze and take care of.

A few years ago when E.T. celebrated it’s 20th Anniversary and Universal released a whole new set of toys, my parents got me the life-size doll in this photo.

And this year, I played Bioshock:Infinite. I adored the game and especially “my” relationship with Elizabeth. As the credits rolled, all I could think was how much I was going to miss her, that I didn’t want it to be over, that maybe there were more adventures to be had.

So last week, in a moment of retail therapy, I stumbled across the Hot Topic 25% off sale and there was the Elizabeth action figure, just calling to me. I had to have her!

Now Elizabeth and E.T. can live here in my apartment of misfit toys and continue having adventures here…

and they will. ūüôā

The bird or the cage? #colorcap Elizabeth meets a fellow time & space traveler... #doctorwho #bioshock Elizabeth and the Time Lord #doctorwho #bioshock


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