tv pre-thoughts: Doctor Who 50th coming soon!!!

This will probably be the last time I watching anything about the special on purpose (though I’m sure I will see more bits and pieces in tumblr gif format). I really want to avoid spoilers but…I couldn’t resist the first teaser trailer.

Not sure how I feel about the 3D but if any show can pull it off, it’s Doctor Who. And I’m happy it looks like it will be an intense thrill ride and not just a goofy “hey, it’s Tennant and Smith together, let’s make them be silly and say all the same lines they said before.” And I’m kinda jealous that the Brits get to see it in the THEATER.

book thoughts: William Shakespeare’s Star Wars (2013)

I wrote a review on Amazon for this product. You can find it here.

This book is exactly what is says it is – a retelling of Star Wars in iambic pentameter. So, if that is something that tickles your geeky fancy, then spend your hard earned money on it. If you are a hardcore Star Wars book collector, or a big fan of both Star Wars and Shakespeare, then this would look nice on your shelf. I would be impressed if you really read it cover to cover. Because…well, it’s just Star Wars retold ala Shakespeare. It’s not actually Shakespeare writing it, is it?

I think what would have been more fun would be living authors writing scenes over in their own style, sort of like the Star Wars Uncut fan project from a few years ago. Or maybe have authors write the “missing” scenes. Think of that – Stephen King writing the scene where the Stormtroopers find Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru?