Free Riffs with Rifftrax app!

Free Riffs with Rifftrax app!

I LOVE Rifftrax – I mean, I was a fan of MST3K back in the day, so it only makes sense that my love transferred over when these guys started to make fun of modern movies and more.


Right now, they are giving away 4 free Riffs if you download their new and improved app. The Riffs are “just the jokes” but with the new app, you can turn on the movie and your device will hear the audio and sync up automatically! Can’t wait to test this out!

The free Riffs are for Iron Man, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Twilight: New Moon and Star Trek V. Once you’ve downloaded the app, just search for each title and hit “download” to make it yours. They say “free” in the corner.

I can tell you from experience these are perfect for gatherings with friends (especially if adult beverages are involved) or when you’re home sick and need to laugh between the coughing. Or when you just need a good laugh (and dont’ we all?)

Grab the app and the movie Riffs before they change their mind!

PSA: DragonAge Origins FREE through EA Origin

As part of their “on the house” promotion (and trying to drum up interest for Dragonage Inquisition…like they even need to) EA is giving away FREE copies of Dragonage Origin, the first game in the series, for PC download.

Only catch is you need to have their service Origin installed, set up an account yadda yadda.

But you know you’ve sold your soul to worse sites for even less so, yeah.


Also, Bejeweled 3 is free for PC/Mac, if fantasy adventure games are not your thing.