#movies watched in August

#movies watched in August


August was a month of rewatches. Some of the movies survived the repeat viewings and others…well, I found out why I had forgotten about them in the first place!

Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the Second Dimension — Everything you would want out of a Phineas and Ferb special – jokes for all ages, references for hard core fans, lots of action and adventure. And all of your favorite characters featured TWICE! Totally a blast and I found myself laughing out loud more than once.

Guardians of the Galaxy — This is the shot in the arm the Marvel Universe needed. After a year of sequels to Super Hero franchises, Guardians of the Galaxy crashes the party with a band of losers, lead by the hilarious and likeable Chris Pratt and a furry version of Bradley Cooper.

You need no prior knowledge of the Marvel Universe to enjoy this movie. You just need to be prepared to have a good time. James Gunn manages to keep the focus on story but still pack in plenty of action sequences. The special effects were seamless, especially with Groot and Rocket. The dialogue is quick and witty and it will be quoted for years to come. The soundtrack is an awesome mix

A League of Their Own — Rewatched this for the first time in probably 10 years last night. Was in the mood for a baseball movie…and maybe in the mood to get a little teary eyed. It worked. Seriously, the scene with Marla and her Dad that’s like 20 minutes in? Holding them back.

It’s not a perfect movie, it’s a bit long but it’s trying to represent the time period as best it can…then again it’s also clearly trying to stay within the realm of a PG rating so it’s very CLEAN. I’m sure things were even worse for the girls.

Also…I was thinking if the applied the same standards that they did for these women back then to our sports stars today, maybe it would be a GOOD THING! I think maybe of these professional players need chaperones and behavioral training.

Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars — how could I NOT love this? You could tell the writers of this series are huge fans of the Star Wars movies long before this special, sneaking nods, winks, and entire lines into Phineas and Ferb episodes. Now they got to take their characters into the galaxy far far away and play in that Tattooine sized sandbox. Instant classic for Star Wars fans of all ages.

Airplane II: The Sequel — I wondered why the only thing I remembered about this movie was the bit with William Shatner…that’s pretty much the only part worth watching. This actually had too much plot, even though it was the exact same plot as Airplane! Too many repeat jokes and not enough belly laughs.

Wayne’s World — Some of the jokes are pretty dated, but it’s still got some great comedic moments. The ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ scene will never be beat. And how can resist the Scooby Doo ending? It’s a classic and THE best SNL movie ever made.

Enemy — Maybe the most frustrating movie I’ve seen in awhile. I spent this entire film thinking “what the hell is going on?!?!?!” and then the movie ended and then it ended and I was like “What the %&!&@! just happened!?!?!”

But, in the end, the more I think about it, the more I like it. It felt like a Twilight Zone episode, or a short story…or maybe the most elaborate Rorschach test. Show it to your friends and see what THEY think it was about.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes — My first rewatch since seeing this in the theater back in 2011. Still a fantastic, well put together action movie. Andy Serkis is AMAZING as Caesar and his acting really elevates this film. Probably James Franco’s best role too.

This is the only “reboot” or “prequel” that I can fully endorse. So well done, with enough nods to the originals for hardcore fans and plenty of story for those of us who only vaguely remember the original movie.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, this movie is so much better than it had any right to be. Above and beyond what I expected, even upon repeat viewings.

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad — Like most comedy movies of this genre, it was a movie of the moment. With throw back jokes to the original series and even more gags that related to the mid-1980s, it’s not as funny as it once was. But it still has some great moments.

Want a good site for tracking your movies ala GoodReads? Check out my personal favorite: Letterboxd

add another 30 seconds to my 15 minutes.

Do you have a Netflix streaming account?

Go find the movie “Drew: The Man Behind the Poster”. It’s a documentary about artist Drew Struzan, the man who drew many of the iconic Star Wars and Indiana Jones posters, along with the first two Harry Potter posters.

If you have the time, you can watch the movie and enjoy the inspirational story.

If you don’t have time, fast forward (what is the digital term??) to about an hour and twenty seven minutes in (I think you should see George Lucas talking to Drew at this point about a Darth Maul painting).

ANYWAY right after that, they cut to a sign of Comic-Con and you see a bunch of fans wandering around.


Holy cow, I’m white and nerdy!

YES! Back in 2010 when I went to Comic-Con, I was standing by the Drew Struzan autograph table, trying to figure out when I could get the book signed and these guys came up to me and said they were doing a documentary on Drew Struzan and would I like to answer a few questions. Of COURSE I said yes, I LOVE Struzan’s work. So I fangirled for a bit, concentrating as hard as I could so I didn’t sound like a total dufus (which means I speak clearly but tend to make FACES). And then I sort of forgot about it because, hey, that was 2010 and who knows how many people think they are going to make documentaries while at Comic-Con.

But it turns out these guys did! And they used footage of me not once but TWICE at the end. AW YEAH!!!!!!!

Thank goodness for my friends in the DC Star Wars Collecting Club. I had no idea this was even out yet and then I went to the meeting on Sunday and they told me about it. 🙂

Idea Channel on PBS/YouTube

So I may or may not have been googling around for deeper meanings behind my current obsession Adventure Time when I stumbled upon this little gem of a YouTube channel. But oh my glob, I spent a chunk of time watching episodes today and I LOVE IT!


It is apparently part of a PBS online channel because I was able to watch them through my PBS app on Xbox (which I <3).

Warning: once you click through to the channel page, I cannot guarantee you won’t be sucked into an epic time-sink…of AWESOME. Everything from “Is Math Real?” to “Is Doctor Who a religion?” — it’s pure nerd ‘nip.

If you have not seen this channel before, you’re welcome.

If you were already aware of it, I say “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME ABOUT IT?!?!?”

movie thoughts: My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend (2013)


This is not really a movie. It’s also not really stand-up. It is a recording of Mike Birbiglia’s one-man play, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend.

It’s not hilarious. But it’s not depressing. Though at times it is sad. It is serious comedy.

For 70 minutes, Mike Birbiglia takes you through a small portion of his life, telling you, in his amiable and witty way, about his love life, or lack there of, from middle school up until now. While describing a day at he carnival with the girl he had a crush on in his teens, the audience groans, knowing what is coming, Mike says in his soft voice, “I know – I’m in the future too.” That sums up the whole show – Birbiglia stands on stage, telling us a list of youthful mistakes, the romantic missteps of a young adult, and his fumbling as an adult.

You will find some overlap with material covered in this play and Birbiglia’s autobiographical movie “Sleepwalk with Me”. But where that was a motion picture with actors and edits, “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” is meant to feel more raw, more exposed, since it is just Mike on stage, alone. And it works.

I sorta loved this play, the same reason you love sitting around with friends and after a few drinks you start to talk about traumatizing life events – you feel a bond knowing that we’ve all been there in some way. The pain of growing up, of learning to be yourself…yeah, it’s that kind of show.

tv thoughts: Moone Boy (2013)

Moone Boy

I am a big fan of The IT Crowd so it’s hard for me to resist Chris O’Dowd’s Irish accent and scruffy yet adorable face. When I heard about Moone Boy, his new comedy program loosely based on his childhood in Ireland, I had to give it a go.

Dowd and I are close to the same age and though I am not Irish, I do have some Irish in my background and I was raised Catholic. Plus, the trials and tribulations of childhood all seem to be the same, no matter where or when you’re from. It was easy to relate to the story of little Martin Moone and his working-class family. O’Dowd also appears in each episode as Martin’s imaginary best friend, who cheers him on.

It’s a very cute and sweet show. My favorite episode so far is Godfellas, which focuses on Martin’s turn as an altar boy. There’s actually a few moments where you can see David Rawle, who plays Martin, cracking up as O’Dowd coaches him on his altar boy skills. It’s funny because it almost feels like a family sitcom from the 1980s, it has that sort of Cosby Show/Family Ties/Roseanne vibe to it.

I hope this isn’t the last we see of Moone Boy or O’Dowd as a writer. And I really hope that we see more of David Rawle, who is doing a dead on Chris O’Dowd impression.

Warning: If you’re like me, after watching the show, you will walk around talking with a bad Irish accent for at least 20 minutes. Unless you’re actually Irish…you probably just talk normal then…anyway…

You can watch episodes of Moone Boy right now on Hulu.com

tv shows I did not expect to like: Archer

Archer on FX

Not knowing anything about ‘Archer’ (the description on Netflix leaves something to be desired), I assumed it was just another spy show, a James Bond clone. I’m not even sure I knew it was animated, but I had no idea it was a comedy.

A friend had me watch the first episode, and it was funny enough, but I set it aside to watching some other things. Thank goodness it was still on streaming a few months later. I decided to give it another try after reading people raving about the fourth season.

I can’t quite pinpoint why I love this rude, crude, and sometimes downright vile show. I think the fact that, even at it’s strangest moments, ‘Archer’ (the series, not the man) has it’s heart in the right place. I love all the characters, love the running gags (which span SEASONS), but I think the thing that has endeared it to my little geek heart the most are the super-random references that Archer (the man) will make to comic books, sci-fi and fantasy shows. He’s this badass who mocks everyone slightly nerdy, yet he clearly has this other layer that has read tons of X-Men comics and watched Stargate.

The show is vulgar and I’m never sure who I should tell about it because of that. The humor is twisted and it catches me off guard, actually making me laugh out loud.

And I didn’t even mention the fantastic cast. You’ll recognize a lot of them on sight, even if you don’t know there names. And SO MANY GUEST STARS.

If you’re a fan of ‘Venture Brothers’, this is something you should be watching. If you’re a fan of over-the-top comedies that manage to mix high brow and low brow humor into a single one-liner, you should watch this. But don’t say I didn’t warn you!

tv shows I did not expect to like: gdgd fairies


I’m not really a big anime watcher…in fact, most of the anime I have watched has been Miyazaki movies. I’ve seen a handful of shows and dabbled in manga, but usually I find that my grasp of Japanese culture makes me always feel like I am missing out on too much to really appreciate the stories.

Then, while browsing Crunchyroll with my boyfriend (who is an anime fan), we randomly clicked on a show labeled “gdgd fairies”. I cringed almost immediately at the chibi fairies in short skirts with pink hair. I braced myself for some ridiculous plot line…but none very came. Because this show has little to no plot. It was plain just weird.

And, somehow, mesmerizing.

Seriously, we laughed SO HARD at the oddness of the first episode, we had TEARS streaming down our faces. It was just 15 minutes of WTF AM I WATCHING!? But in a good way.

It is just these three fairy BFFs who meet up and talk over tea. pkpk is the most naive of the group, shrshr is a bit of a spaz, and krkr is sorta emo/dark. Eventually the fairies finish tea and move into the magic room and play with spells, usually with hilarious results. And then end by watching the “dubbing pool” and talking over random footage they see in the pool.

Oh, and did I mention they spend a lot of time mocking popular anime shows, video games, and other random aspects of Japanese pop culture? You can still enjoy the show knowing as little as me, but the seasoned anime fan will get an extra kick out of it.

It is strangely addictive even though it doesn’t have any story arc and even the stories are loose. And, yes, there are jokes that do NOT translate at all. But it’s 15 minutes of just cute, adorable fairies being really random about whatever (how to say “deja vu” in Japanese, or what if you could save up sleep and get it later).

gdgd Fairies – Full episodes available on Crunchyroll