Tips for shopping at Her Universe #FlauntYourWorld

(I know it’s Read.Watch.Blog. but a fangirl has to wear SOMETHING while she’s lounging around on the couch!)

I’ve been a fan of the Her Universe line since it’s inception. If you are unfamiliar with the brand, you can Google and find lots of interviews with the founder and face of the brand, Ashley Eckstein.

The short version: Ashley was the voice of Star Wars: The Clone Wars character Ahsoka Tano. She was surprised by the lack of geek fashion for female Star Wars fans, which inspired her to start this company with the goal of creating “fashion-forward” clothing for fangirls.

ANYWAY, the brand has been around for several years now and has expanded to include apparel for fans of Star Trek, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Walking Dead, and several other Science Fiction series. Recently, Ashley announced the newest line of Her Universe clothing and jewelry to premiere over the summer at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends.

Her Universe

Now, if you are one of the lucky few who gets to attend Star Wars Weekends this year and see the merchandise before you buy it, then you’ve got the easiest job! But the rest of us at home may find it a bit tricky when it comes to knowing which size to pick. If you’re like me, having previously lived in Star Wars shirts sized for boys, you assume that one size will always fit you. But, alas, welcome to the world of high fashion geek girl, almost every item on Her Universe has different dimensions and sizing. It can be a big confusing BUT if you take the time to measure twice and order once, you will be a well dressed and satisfied customer.

Here are a few tips from a Her Universe pro to finding the perfect fit for you:

  • Invest in a tape measure. It’s worth it, believe me. I had never really measured myself for clothing before, mostly because I am a poor librarian and I just shop for things at Kohl’s, where you just try things until they fit. Obviously, you can’t do this when shopping online. And each Her Universe shirt, dress, and skirt may be cut slightly differently so it’s worth it to measure. And measure ALL THE THINGS. Your hips, your bust, and, also, go find your favorite t-shirt and see how long you like your tops because some styles (Dolman, I’m looking at you) tend to be cut shorter than others.
  • Read the fine print. Each Her Universe items includes a list of measurements to help you find your right fit. BUT also read the description. It will usually tell you if the shirt fits loose or tight and also give you a frame of reference by letting you know what size Ashley is wearing. Understanding ALL of those things will help you, especially on return visits.
  • Visit Hot Topic. A few of the Her Universe items are available at Hot Topic. Most of these are the juniors sizes, BUT I was able to find the TARDIS skirt on the rack at Hot Topic in the mall by me. It was great to be able to see it in person and get an idea of the size. I was lucky they had my size in stock, but even if they had not, it would have given me a better idea on the fit. Even if they have a HU shirt you don’t want, you can at least use it later for frame of reference when you see a top with a similar cut and measurements on the site.
  • Be honest with yourself. There is no doubt, these t-shirts are expensive. I love and adore them, but for the price, you really want to make sure you get one that fits just right. Unfortunately, being a small business, HU can’t offer free shipping/returns. Measure yourself and be honest. I know I was a bit sad that the Darth Vader PJ pants did not come in my size. But Ashley and her team are working hard to expand the Plus Size portion of the site and some products eventually get larger sizes. Don’t spend your hard earned money on a top that **might** fit. Find the top that will fit for sure. If there is a shirt you see that doesn’t go up to your size, let the Her Universe crew know! Like I said, Ashley has made a point to expand the Plus Size selection so letting them know what tops are in demand should help them.

Price tag got you down? Sign up for the Her Universe Newsletter! There have been several sales and other deals during the year (obviously May the Fourth and other geek holidays). And every Christmas, each order gets a limited edition Star Wars pin autographed by Ashley!

Good Luck, and May the Force be with You!



…now, if you’ll excuse me, I just noticed that those previously mentioned Darth Vader pants now go up to a larger size than last time I checked…sorry wallet.

add another 30 seconds to my 15 minutes.

Do you have a Netflix streaming account?

Go find the movie “Drew: The Man Behind the Poster”. It’s a documentary about artist Drew Struzan, the man who drew many of the iconic Star Wars and Indiana Jones posters, along with the first two Harry Potter posters.

If you have the time, you can watch the movie and enjoy the inspirational story.

If you don’t have time, fast forward (what is the digital term??) to about an hour and twenty seven minutes in (I think you should see George Lucas talking to Drew at this point about a Darth Maul painting).

ANYWAY right after that, they cut to a sign of Comic-Con and you see a bunch of fans wandering around.


Holy cow, I’m white and nerdy!

YES! Back in 2010 when I went to Comic-Con, I was standing by the Drew Struzan autograph table, trying to figure out when I could get the book signed and these guys came up to me and said they were doing a documentary on Drew Struzan and would I like to answer a few questions. Of COURSE I said yes, I LOVE Struzan’s work. So I fangirled for a bit, concentrating as hard as I could so I didn’t sound like a total dufus (which means I speak clearly but tend to make FACES). And then I sort of forgot about it because, hey, that was 2010 and who knows how many people think they are going to make documentaries while at Comic-Con.

But it turns out these guys did! And they used footage of me not once but TWICE at the end. AW YEAH!!!!!!!

Thank goodness for my friends in the DC Star Wars Collecting Club. I had no idea this was even out yet and then I went to the meeting on Sunday and they told me about it. đŸ™‚