Castle Rock – I give up!

Castle Rock – I give up!

I’ve watched the first 4 episodes of ‘Castle Rock’ on Hulu and I’m done. It’s not bad, it’s not good – it’s just there. I’m not compelled to keep watching at all.

One thing that really hurt it was that I had a better idea for the show. Rather than another convoluted plot of faux mysteries created just for the sake of having everyone be cryptic, I was hoping for an anthology show, ala Black Mirror or Electric Dreams, but with Stephen King stories.

I’m a fan of King’s works. Not hardcore, I haven’t read everything and some things I have read and didn’t really enjoy. But I have a soft spot for him because my grandmother was a fan and they lived in Maine so there were a lot of things about this show that drew me to it. They kept the plot under wraps so I had no idea what kind of storytelling it would be but I assumed when they said it was “based on the works of Stephen King” that we would be getting his stories.

But, alas, no. It is just another series that hopes to create a winding road of “clues” and “puzzles” (sarcastic quotes as I don’t know if any of them actually have answers…I may still be hurting from all those hours wasted watching ‘Lost’).

The fourth episode did have a crazy ending, but I’ve been down that road before with TV show that get into the habit of only making the last 10 minutes of each episode actually move the stories forward just to hook you for next week…only to have the start of the next episode gloss over what happened because, really, they only did it to bring you back.

I don’t really care about anyone in the show. Heck, I barely know their names except for Henry Deaver because EVERYONE has said his name several times in each episode. Everyone else is just someone who was attached to another Stephen King film at some point…or nobody important, clearly fodder for the demons of the town.

Feeling frustrated, I Googled to see if I could find any reviews of the show and this write up from the New York Times really hit the nail on the head for me. The show is so preoccupied with hiding in-jokes for hardcore Stephen King fans, they lost the plot.

I’d need to hear some amazing things to come back to this show. I’m just so disappointed. There was SO much potential. It reminds me of the times I handed in papers to my college professor thinking they were pretty good and getting them back with a B and a note that said “I know you can do better”.

Abrams and King Et al.? I know you can do better.

tv thoughts: Moone Boy (2013)

Moone Boy

I am a big fan of The IT Crowd so it’s hard for me to resist Chris O’Dowd’s Irish accent and scruffy yet adorable face. When I heard about Moone Boy, his new comedy program loosely based on his childhood in Ireland, I had to give it a go.

Dowd and I are close to the same age and though I am not Irish, I do have some Irish in my background and I was raised Catholic. Plus, the trials and tribulations of childhood all seem to be the same, no matter where or when you’re from. It was easy to relate to the story of little Martin Moone and his working-class family. O’Dowd also appears in each episode as Martin’s imaginary best friend, who cheers him on.

It’s a very cute and sweet show. My favorite episode so far is Godfellas, which focuses on Martin’s turn as an altar boy. There’s actually a few moments where you can see David Rawle, who plays Martin, cracking up as O’Dowd coaches him on his altar boy skills. It’s funny because it almost feels like a family sitcom from the 1980s, it has that sort of Cosby Show/Family Ties/Roseanne vibe to it.

I hope this isn’t the last we see of Moone Boy or O’Dowd as a writer. And I really hope that we see more of David Rawle, who is doing a dead on Chris O’Dowd impression.

Warning: If you’re like me, after watching the show, you will walk around talking with a bad Irish accent for at least 20 minutes. Unless you’re actually Irish…you probably just talk normal then…anyway…

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