It’sa me, Mario!

When your friend finds out that this month’s Happy Meal toys are all Mario related, you have to go to McDonald’s for lunch.

Mario Happy Meal Toy 2018

I can feel the grease in my skin and I don’t care because just look at this adorable Italian stereotype!

Bonus, I still had my badge on when we ordered and the cashier had lots of questions about the library so I got to tell them about how to get a card, how to download books, and when our hours were. Hopefully she stops by later!

See, it’s not just you guys that I constantly drop in and talk about library services.

What was the last Happy Meal (or kids toy at restaurant) that you got?

#ToyTuesday – SDCC 2010

I am not going to San Diego Comic-Con this year. No benevolent benefactor came forward to donate the hundreds of dollars it would cost to fly out to California and stay at a hotel for the weekend. So sad. BUT I did live the geek dream 4 years ago and managed to attend in 2010. And, of course, I came home with a bag of goodies! Some more random than others, but I love them all.

SDCC 2010 Polly Pocket as DC Superheroes

SDCC 2010 Polly Pocket as DC Superheroes

Totally an impulse purchase because LOOK HOW CUTE! It was hard to resist the Polly Pocket girls dressed up as Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman. Plus, I have a soft spot for Supergirl since when I was a little kid I liked to dress up in my Superman pajamas and run around the backyard being Super Sam! I think this was my favorite purchase of the whole trip.

SDCC 2010 Batman Arkham Asylum Figure

BATMAN! Another random purchase as I wandered the hall on the last day. Arkham Asylum is one of the best superhero video games and I think I had just completed it before I went to SDCC so battle-damaged Batman seemed like a good purchase. It is pretty cool having Batman watch over me from my bookshelf…

SDCC 2010 Doctor Who Exclusive Figure

This one was a goal, I knew there would be Doctor Who exclusives and this was the height of my Doctor Who fandom. I also bought a regular Doctor Who figure which I carried around with me in my purse for a few days after.

SDCC 2010 Bioshock 2 Figure

I had no played Bioshock 2 to completion yet and this figure was a little spoilerific. Honestly, not my favorite of the Bioshock games but still solid.

#ToyTuesday – my first collectible

New thing I’m trying to start – I have quite a collection of stuff around my apartment and I figured I should feature it on my blog to justify it’s existence (because every time someone posts about how cool or impressive something is, it will justify my next purchase hehe).

Starting off with my first fandom and one of my first true rare collectibles (well, it felt rare to little pre-teen me!)

Star Wars Fan Club Micro Machines

I joined the Official Lucasfilm Fan Club around the time Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was just starting out (I think I found the sign-up form in the back of The Mata Hari Affair novelization that I picked up at a book fair). I was a proud card carrying member, as you can see:

Lucasfilm Fan Club cards

But when I got these beauties in the mail, I felt so special. It was the mid-90s and I think the club was just beginning to switch over from the Lucasfilm Fan Club to the Star Wars Fan Club, prepping us for the big prequel announcement on the horizon. I had a lot of Star Wars toys that I was now taking better care of after years of play. I was also collecting the Micro Machine series. In fact, I had both of these ships and figures already.


Star Wars Fan Club Micro Machines

I knew that was important. I knew having that number on the box meant there were only a limited amount of us that received these toys. Even if I already had them sitting on a shelf in my room, THESE were better because they had a number. Oh the RUSH of knowing I had something so special in my hands. That I had earned it because of my loyalty. Yes, this was the gateway drug of collecting.

Star Wars Fan Club Micro Machines

Look, the box even had special printing, TELLING me how these will be a VALUABLE addition to my collection.

I was hooked. And here I am twenty years later a proud member of the DC Star Wars Collecting Club.

Do you collect anything? What was the first collectible you remember being really excited about? Share in the comments or post your own story and link back!

Slippery slope, here I come!

oh dear…Funko made this announcement during the Christmas holiday about new figure lines slated for 2014.

It includes not one but TWO lines of Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures.

I have a bad feeling that this will lead to the slippery slope of Funko figure collecting across fandoms. So far I only have two My Little Pony figures (Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash) from Funko. But the Game of Thrones Instagram feed has been slowly picking away at my resolve. And then I saw the Adventure Time line and I have been slapping my hand on Christmas season to keep myself from buying one while shopping for others.

But I’m sure once I’m on the search to collect ALL the Buffy figures, these will be impulse purchased along with them.

You have been warned.

Which probably means I should sell some of my unwanted Star Wars collection to make room. To quote Ursula, “life’s full of tough choices, isn’t it?”

unpacking: whedon collection part 1

Whedon bookcase (well, the top half anyway). My friend says one day I will run a @jossWhedon library #jossisboss #toys #dreamjob

So, of all of my fandoms, the one currently in first place after all these years is the works of Joss Whedon, mainly Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I moved last month and finally got my Whedon shelf set up. The above picture is just the top half of the shelf, featuring a small set of my Buffy, Angel and Firefly action figure, along with the DVD and Blu-Ray sets I own. Below that (picture coming soon) is my collection of Whedon-related books.

The action figure part of this collection sorta started as an accident. One of my friends in the Star Wars Collecting Club (DCSWCC) knew I was a fan of the show and gave me a couple figures that he was done with. But one lonely Buffy isn’t much of a display. So then I got sucked into the Buffy action figure club (I forget which website hosted this) and started to buy figures like crazy. I received the Library Playset as a present and it is one of my favorite things to display. I mean, how right is it for me to have that? A huge Buffy fan AND a librarian? I pretty much was required to own the playset.

Due to space constraints and me still figuring out where things are going, I don’t have all of my Buffy figures out. I have more of the large figures plus a collection of the PALZ mini-figure sets that are packed away at the moment.

The pride of my collection so far would be my autographed Dollhouse and Firefly blu-rays, both signed by the man himself and a good chunk of the writing crew. I also have a Serenity mini-poster that I’ve managed to get sign by a good portion of the cast.

More pictures to come as I slowly get things set up! 🙂